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Free High-Definition Television!

What is Broadcast Digital TV?
In 2009, the Federal government mandated that TV stations stop broadcasting analog TV signals and start broadcasting digital TV signals. Most people didn't notice because they had cable TV. Most people didn't realize what this meant. As all new TV's arew equipped with digital tuners, it means you can receive hi-definition TV for FREE over the air by using an antenna. The picture quality of over the air broadcasts is usually BETTER than that of cable, and comparable to that of bluray or dvd. This is possible as television broadcasters us less digital compression than cable and satellite providers. If you have a modern TV's, all you'll need is the new digital antenna. If you still have an older TV you would like to use, It will stll work!! We can provide you with a digital converter box will do the job. Either way, there are NO monthly fees.

Getting the Right Antenna.
Digital broadcast signals can be tricky. Using multiple criteria our expert technicians will identify the proper equipment needed for your situation. We will use your exact location, the elevation of your property, type of structure, and surrounding terrain to help make our. We will also check signal levels to verify reception. a physical obstruction like a tall building, trees, hill's and even water towers can affect reception.

Start watching FREE TV.
In the North-Western suburbs of chicago, there is a huge amount of free programming available. Out typical customer can receive 70 or more channels, and again these are completely free of any monthly service fee.
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